Increasing the city’s resilience to flooding, SLR, and storm surge.

Flooding is one of the Mayor's highest priorities. According to data collected at the US Customs House and analyzed by NOAA, almost half of the total amount of SLR in the last 100 years has occurred in the last 20 years. With the acceleration of SLR, the City has experienced more days of tidal flooding and more frequent 'rain bombs' that overwhelm our drainage system.

A vulnerability study completed in 2019, revealed that 70% of all residential properties in the city are highly vulnerable and at risk to flooding and 80% of the city’s annual sales volume and jobs/employees are highly vulnerable. FloodStat brings all of the City's stakeholders together to ensure we are moving the needle on the most important and impactful work around SLR and flooding.

FloodStat meets the first Thursday of most months, rotating through departments based on the established reporting timeframe for their metrics. FloodStat meetings are open to the public.

To see the latest data on tidal flooding in Charleston, visit our dashboard of Local Tide Trends and for real time flooding information, visit the City's TideEye site.

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